I absolutely love to create bespoke designs. If you like my style and believe we can make something magical together,  please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

So how does it all work?


First, we would start with the technical details.
Such as checking availability and the amount you require. Bespoke design slots tend to get booked up 2-3 months ahead of the project start date. If this is an option you’re interested in, please get in touch.


Then onto the ‘fun stuff’. What’s your style? What’s the ‘look’ you would like to go for?


Best not to forget when you need them by. Delivery times vary from 3 to 8 weeks for a bespoke design, from initial design idea to printing and delivery.


Prices can vary depending on what you would like. You can choose to have a design exclusive to you. Or your design can become part of the TK house collection.

Behind the bespoke design

Mood boards and inspiration coming to you soon