Wedding Invitation Foil Sample Pack


Add a variety of card samples

Would you like to add wax seals *

These would include a sample of a monogram, bow and a floral design. All in different colours.

Wax Seal Request

If you choose yes to adding a wax seal would you like to see a certain colour of wax?

Would you like to add a ribbon sample card

The standard card includes 1nch or white silk and white satin ribbon. You can request more colours below.

Would you like to mention anything else?

Please let me know any colours, materials or finishes you would like to be included.



Create your own sample pack.

If you are looking for foil on beautiful coloured card stock and all the pretty additions this is the pack for you. Choose to add extras such as wax seals and different card stocks. Or simply opt for the gorgeous foil on the best quality card stocks.

Inside you will find an example of each design in my house collection apart from the Ever After design and Aurora. A sample of these designs can be purchased separately.

The following items are included:

Gabriella Invitation with gold hot foil on cool blue card

Gracie Invitation with gold hot foil on nude pink

Julietta Invitation with gold hot foil on navy card, featuring a line venue illustration

Delilah Vellum Invitation with handmade embossed envelope

Florence Invitation which features a digital venue illustration

Vellum Belly Band with hot gold foil

Digital Foiled Name Tag on Nude Card and 1in Silk Ribbon

A folded wallet to hold everything

A variety of envelopes


Optional extras include:

Wax Seals in all 3 different designs and colours

Card swatches in white and ivory

Card swatches in the most popular card colours

A swatch of white satin and silk ribbon


Using this booklet it will help guide you with your invitations. You can choose to go for a House Collection design or opt for a semi-custom or bespoke design, if none of these are exactly what you would like.


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